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With Youco you can set your availability whilst already on a job. This means you can set you work calendar up for weeks and months in advance, removing all the hassle of finding your next job for you. All your documents only have to be uploaded once and once your pay rate is set you can line up as many jobs as you want in no time at all, leaving you free to enjoy your life without worrying about where your next gig is coming from.
Absolutely. There is no limit on the number of jobs you can apply for.
Youco is free to use for workers
You need to make sure your calendar is up to date with the periods you are able to work so that the right jobs at the right time can be offered to you. This also means you won't be offered any jobs that you would be unable to work as well.
We base out matches upon a number of different variables. Namely the jobs required skills, your location in relation to the role and your references and work history.
You can change your password in the settings section of your dashboard.
You can read all about our data policy here.

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